I have been reading some biographical accounts of WWII Nazi Concentration Camp survivors. The following is a poem/mind-stream that followed. History has shown us that the concentration camps are not an isolated event. Many countries and nationalities have partaken in travesties. It is unfathomable, unless you are there, then the unfathomable is your reality. I consider it important to realize that we all have the capacity to be the culprit and the victim. Actions are important.Image

Trail of our Tears

Woe to be human. Millions dead. Perhaps Billions.

Millions tortured.Perhaps Billions.

By humans.

Woe to be man.

Subject to this all. Subject to idiocy.

Object of travesty.


I act. You act. He and she act.

Summation. Insanity.

Why? How?

The roar of an ocean. Why? How?

A peaceful lake. Why? How?

Countless Droplets.

So much beauty. So much travesty.

Potentialities solidified.

Man moves forward.


The image pictured is the tamest of all the photos found. Search for death camp photos. The results are abhorrent  and feel inhuman, but they real!

What kind of scars has this left on mankind. The effects of these action do not disappear. They have shaped the world as it is. The world never forgets as all action is recorded in it’s future. The world is continuous. The shocking thing is the horrors that spawned this were done with action. They had a choice!!!!! It had to happen because of chosen actions!

After reading this I feel enough emotional hardship has been caused by the events that spawned this. Learn and move forward. NO need to maintain negativity. Let the scar heal. Be happy. Help balance. Learn. No need for unnecessary damage. We are sorry.