Traveling. The roads blend. Destinations shape shift into an arbitrary reference point. This journey is continuous.

My cocoon?Absence. Darkness. I move. I wriggle. A cocoon. The Planet. Pressure. Tight fit. The Chrysalis torn open by death. What emerges?

Life as a process. Life. Death. Flowing. Changing.

The golden rule. Treat others as you would like to be treated. I am thirsty. I am hungry. I am human. It is strange. I must eat food to continue existing. With out food I die. I must drink to continue existing. With out water I shrivel into non-existence. Why? Why must I eat and drink to continue living. Why must others? Explained scientifically the mystery remains, but in different words. Why must we eat? Why is this basic need central to the foundation of my life and EVERYONE else’s?

It is a fact. The why does not matter.

I am Hungry. I am Thirsty. The Golden Rule. A Hierarchy of Needs.

It must be.