Throughout one’s life, one hears, many times, how important it is to express oneself. While true, it is obvious that there is “good” self-expression and “bad” self-expression. We could enter into a discussion of good and bad, but that is for something else entirely.  Some forms of “bad” self-expression would be as follows: rape, school shootings, and other outburst upon innocent bystanders.  While I would consider “good” self-expression to be music, poetry, art, drama, even mathematics to some.


Perhaps the goal of life is to express oneself fully, and completely. So where can we begin for this sounds like a task of monumental proportion. We can easily express ourselves fragmentarily, but how to express ourselves COMPLETELY!


It is important to keep in mind that we are always expressing ourselves. Every action, every thought, every motion is a form of expression, even non-action. Each action is an instant Riemann’s sum of our internal affairs. This also makes it difficult to distinguish our internal actions from our bodily action. They are united in expression

Nothing is left out in expression; all action is an all-inclusive expression of ourselves.


If complete self-expression occurs continually, and is inevitable, could it still be the goal of life? Would Inherent in life be its “goal”?

Regardless we can use the fact that all action is “self” expression. It helps us see something. What it is, I am not sure. It also supports the importance of “reality”. What does this reality with all its “good” and “bad” say about what is being expressed?