To will oneself to think. Is this possible? Can one really think critically if will is the motive?

My thoughts may be highly influenced by what I have read regarding this, but what about thinking it out, and is this possible? My initial response is no, one can not critically think while willing thought. If will is a part of it then thought is directed, and therefore has a flaw. Unless you can will the activity of thought and not the outcome.

So, what is will? What is meant by will? Will is related to action. Will is related to desire. I suppose the word entails an end, a drive, a force. If I use my will I use force. Examples using will include that final pushup. When you want to get up from work but you make yourself continue. However these are extreme examples of will, total truth does not lie in the extremes, although truth is in the extremes. So, we have this force of action, the expressed desire of the individual towards an end. But is will even real?

People have used the term “an act of will”. So is will an action, a type of action or neither? I must be careful as using words to think is tricky business. Each word is a division of the total. Attempting to get or even communicate a picture of the world from these fragments seems impossible. To construct a whole from the fragments, like the best constructed puzzle will still have lines. I have diverged, back to the point.

I am getting sleepy so I will cut this short, what I presently think, but will have to investigate further. Some will in thought is good, as long as it is just a spark, but too much is bad. Examples of will directing thought can be seen in the faulty reasoning some of the religous use with their “facts” to justify the religion. Some go to jerusalem and say this is proof that the bible is TRUTH. However it is not, that is an abstraction, will was more important in that finding than the reality. Too little will to think, or will to not think constructivly is seen in many stupid people in the states. However this is a vast and endless subject, or so it seems, unless we get to the root of it, assuming the questions are good.

There are bad questions. Bad being they will get us no where, no progress. But to have “progress” I must have an idea of progress. Where I plan to go. So then, is my path determined and all this thought is just a fight against it or is it important? Thought is important, our minds are important because they impact how we impact the world and others. Example of this, bombs, guns, killing, helping, laughing. It is easy to see how our thoughts become manifest in the world. SO then, thought IS very important.

A side note that I read and found interesting from a pieve on schopenhauer: (It is not that we desire things because they are pleasurable, but they are pleasurable because we desire them)… Just think of all the fucked up fetishes which verify this statement, however a word of caution. The world is so vast, so infinite it is easy to find data to support our claims and beliefs. The world can create a foundation for any idea because the world is the foundation for all ideas.

Perhaps, thought is not willed, but a manifestation of will.