small beginings

“Big things have small beginnings.”

This is my first blog. It is a practice of writing. It is for me. I believe in the value of sharing, especially ideas. A concept reminiscent of this paraphrase, trade apples you start with what you started with,  trade ideas and you get double.

So, what path for my blog? Hopefully no path, a mixture of direct obscurity, a reflection of my obscurity, sometimes superfluous, some times concise. This blog is for me, myself, my thoughts and my own outlet. A proliferation of thoughts. It will become a trail of my development. Tokens of my mind, left on the trail of time.

This a practice in writing, and my mind, an intellectual and creative playground.

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So to end things, writing is one of the most human endeavors. Math and science are robotic, laid out. It has all been done before. The mechanics of an atom, the machinery of a cell, all have testable answers. There is a reason why writing classes do not have tests, or should not. Writing comes from our mind, our mind from our experience, and our experience from our mind. I am the culmination of my life and my experiences, I claim no original idea, only the Frankenstein my mind will spit out from all I have been exposed to.